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With its high-performance gas turbine filters, Loudspring’s Eagle Filters help customers increase energy production by 9%, improve fuel efficiency by 2.5% and increase lifespan of the turbines. The filters provide significant cost savings and reduce CO2 emissions, which has become even more important following the surge in carbon emission prices. Following the consolidation of Eagle, Loudspring will now transform into a industrial growth company to maximize return for both the company’s shareholders and the climate.

Source: Finwire News.

Loudspring is a group of companies we own, that are active in five global industries - food, fashion, energy, manufacturing and real estate. Their potential to achieve a significant impact in these industries is what drew us to them in the first place. Last year, we started to estimate the real impact that our portfolio had achieved in terms of carbon emissions and water savings. We have continued that work in 2017 while also improving upon our methodologies along the way. We calculated this for six of our main holdings.