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The English version of the interim report published on 25th of April 2019 included errors in the table  “Consolidated statement of comprehensive income” on page 10. The published figures for Q1 2019 were all, except Translation differences and earnings per share, published with incorrect signs. The incorrect signs also led to an incorrect total comprehensive income in the table. The correct total comprehensive income is EUR -2 124 thousand instead of EUR 1 972 thousand earlier shown in the table. Corrected interim report is included in this stock exchange release.

 Corrected figuresPublished figures
Revenue25 598-25 598
Other operating income99-99
Employee benefit expenses-6 9976 997
Operating expenses-19 37819 378
Depreciation and impairment-1 2041 204
Operating profit/loss-1 8821 882
Financial income and expenses-193193
Profit/loss before taxes -2 0752 075
Profit/loss for the period-2 0482 048
Translation differences-76-76
Actuarial gains and losses00
Acturial gains and losses, deferred taxes00
Total comprehensive income-2 1241 972
Basic earnings per share, eur 0,490,49
Diluted earnings per share,eur 0,490,49
Allocation of net profit for the period:  
To equity holders of the parent-2 0482 048
Allocation of total comprehensive income:  
To equity  holders of the parent-2 1241 972

Matti Rantaniemi

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Kalle Lehtonen, CFO, tel. +358 400 539 968

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Our strategic direction is defined by our mission “Better working” and our vision “People-centric workplaces”. Martela supplies user-centric workplaces where the users and their wellbeing are what matter most. We focus on the Nordic countries because, based on our common open work culture and needs, the Nordic countries are leaders in hybrid workplaces.


Martela is one of the Nordic leaders specializing in user centric working and learning environments. We offer our customers a single point of contact for the entire workplace lifecycle - from specifying the space need to maintaining the workplace in a prime condition.