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Ramirent Plc               Stock exchange release         September 2, 2019 at 16:00 EEST

Ramirent Plc (“Ramirent”) has entered into a EUR 500 million Intercompany Term Loan Facility Agreement with Loxam S.A.S. (“Loxam”), under which Loxam makes available to Ramirent a term loan facility of up to EUR 500 million to be used to re-finance Ramirent‘s existing indebtedness. The maturity of the term loan facility is eight years.

Loxam has acquired through a public tender offer more than 90 per cent of all the issued and outstanding shares and votes in Ramirent. Therefore, signing of the Intercompany Term Loan Facility Agreement is considered a transaction between the company and a closely-related party.

For further information:
Jukka Havia, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), tel. +358 50 355 3757, jukka.havia(at)

RAMIRENT is a leading service company offering equipment rental for construction and other industries. Our mission is to help our customers gear up on safety and efficiency by delivering great equipment and smooth service with a smile. We have around 3,000 co-workers and 300 customer centers across nine countries in Northern and Eastern Europe. In 2018, Ramirent Group sales reached a total of EUR 712 million. Ramirent is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (RAMI). Loxam S.A.S. has acquired more than 90 percent of all the Ramirent shares and will delist the company from Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. as soon as permitted under applicable laws.

Ramirent - Gear Up. Equipment rental at your service

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