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INSIDE INFORMATION   20 March 2020    AT 21:45 EET 

Teleste Corporation changes its proposal for the distribution of earnings

The Board of Directors of Teleste Corporation has decided to change its proposal for the distribution of earnings, which was originally published in connection with the company’s financial statement release on 13 February 2020, so that instead of an immediate dividend of EUR 0.10, the Annual General Meeting would resolve to authorize the Board of Directors to decide, at its discretion, the distribution of a maximum of EUR 0.10 per share as a dividend from retained earnings and/or capital repayment from invested non-restricted equity fund, in one or more installments. The authorization is proposed to be valid until the beginning of the next Annual General Meeting. The company will separately disclose any decisions on the distribution of funds by the Board of Directors and, at the same time, confirm the relevant record and payment dates.

The reason for the change in the dividend distribution proposal is the uncertainty surrounding the current economic situation due to the coronavirus epidemic.

20 March 2020

Teleste Corporation

Board of Directors

CEO Jukka Rinnevaara, phone +358 2 2605 611

Nasdaq Helsinki
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Teleste is a Finnish technology company which offers broadband video and data communication networks and services. The company's products and solutions are used in digital television, broadband Internet, and video surveillance applications. Majority of the company revenues comes from Europe the biggest clients being Cable TV and IPTV operators and in video surveillance the public sector. The company also has branch in the United Kingdom, specializing in Hospitality and AV - Teleste Limited. The company is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock market.