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Valoe Corporation                     Inside Information                   7 November 2019 at 9.40 (Finnish time)

Valoe Corporation ("Valoe") will deliver a solar power plant to the façade of the new parking house at Helsinki Airport. There will be about 2,000 parking spots in the new parking house. The parking house is already under construction in front of the new Terminal 2 and will be completed in the autumn of 2020. The project is carried out by an alliance formed by Finavia Corporation, SRV Construction Ltd, Arkkitehtitoimisto HKP Oy, Arkkitehtitoimisto ALA Oy, and Ramboll Finland Oy.

Valoe will supply the solar power plant as a turnkey project and install the modules manufactured in Mikkeli, Finland on the walls of the parking house during the first half of 2020.

Iikka Savisalo, CEO of Valoe Corporation: ”At Valoe, we are pleased that we have been selected for such a major project. In front of the new terminal, the excellent appearance of Valoe’s modules that can be integrated on the wall stands out in this kind of building and suits well to the architecture of the new terminal and the rest of the area. A solar power plant can also be beautiful! This type of installation is a good example of how a solar power plant can be used as a visual effect. The parking house will also be a power plant that will directly reduce the carbon footprint when solar-generated electricity is used, for example, for charging electric cars.”

The solar modules used in Valoe's power plants are manufactured by the company in Mikkeli, Finland. In this respect, the choice of Finavia and Alliance supports the continuous development of Finnish technology and provides new opportunities for Valoe to succeed in similar deliveries outside Finland.

In Mikkeli on 7 November 2019

Valoe Corporation


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Valoe Corporation specializes in the clean energy, especially in photovoltaic solutions. Valoe provides automated production technology for solar modules based on the company’s own technology; production lines for modules; solar modules and special components for solar modules. Valoe's head office is located in Mikkeli, Finland.