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Neste: Aiming High with Renewables

Where others talk about transformation, Neste shows how it is done. Originally founded with the purpose to secure Finland’s oil supply in the year of 1948 - today the world’s leading producer of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel, among other things. Analyst Petri Gostowski gives his view of the case in a nutshell: summarizing business units, products, market, future outlook and valuation.

00: 00 Introduction
00:11 Neste’s history + transformation
01:48 Owner structure
02:46 Business units
04:09 Renewables market
05:17 Competitors in renewables
06.48 Renewable diesel
07:37 Capacity
09:21 Business area comparison
11:21 Dividend policy 12:35 ESG case?
14:10 Year 2022
17:14 Russia dependecy
18:03 Cash flow
19:23 Financial situation
20:35 Valuation

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The lateste published research, published 2022-07-29:
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Neste Corporation is a leading independent northern European oil refining and marketing company. We focus on high-quality traffic fuels and other high value-added petroleum products with reduced environmental impact. Neste Marketing Ltd operates the Neste station chain. Neste service stations, unmanned stations and D stations for heavy traffic are ready to serve you and your car in the best possible way. Neste operates in Finland, Russia and the Baltic states.