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Erkki Vesola
+358 50 549 5512

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Type: stock_exchange_release

Ponsse Plc will publish the following financial reports in 2020:

Financial statements 2018                    18 February 2020
Interim report Q1, January-March         21 April 2020
Interim report Q2, January-June           11 August 2020
Interim report Q3, January-September 20 October 2020

Type: stock_exchange_release

- Net sales amounted to EUR 464.1 (Q1-Q3/2018 415.9) million.
- Q3 net sales amounted to EUR 148.3 (Q3/2018 124.8) million.
- Operating result totalled EUR 46.6 (Q1-Q3/2018 39.3) million, equalling 10.0 (9.5) per cent of net sales.
- Q3 operating result totalled EUR 16.2 (Q3/2018 9.9) million, equalling 10.9 (7.9) per cent of net sales.
- Profit before taxes was EUR 45.1 (Q1-Q3/2018 34.3) million.
- Cash flow from business operations was EUR 14.1 (16.7) million.
- Earnings per share were EUR 1.23 (0.90).
- Equity ratio was 52.6 (53.2) per cent.
- Order

Type: stock_exchange_release

"Both of these appointments support our investments in the continuous development of our international network. Sigurd Skotte has a strong vision for the customer-driven development of sales and maintenance services, and Carl-Henrik Hammar's role in leading our two Nordic subsidiaries helps these companies to work closer together. Both companies will continue as independent entities, while their functions will be developed side-by-side, and they will be engaged in closer cooperation", says Jarmo Vidgrén, sales and marketing director at Ponsse Plc. 

Type: stock_exchange_release

Despite the uncertainties in the world's economy, the demand for PONSSE forest machines continued to be brisk during the last quarter, and the company's order intake was very good. Our order books were very strong at the end of the period under review, totalling EUR 361.1 million. With the improving availability of components, manufacturing volumes at our Vieremä factory have been growing continuously.

Type: stock_exchange_release

After the return, Ponsse Plc possesses 227 of its own shares.

Vieremä, 8 August 2019

Type: stock_exchange_release

– Net sales amounted to EUR 143.1 (142.1) million.

– Operating result totalled EUR 12.9 (17.1) million, equalling 9.0 (12.0) per cent of net sales.

– Profit before taxes was EUR 13.2 (15.4) million.

– Cash flow from business operations was EUR 0.9 (19.3) million.

Type: stock_exchange_release

Patrick Murphy (Transport Management, BSc) has been appointed managing director of Ponsse Plc’s subsidiary in Ireland starting from 24 April 2019.  Murphy will be in charge of the operations of Ponsse Machines Ireland, and he will be stationed in County Laois, Ireland. Murphy will report to Ponsse Group’s sales and marketing director Jarmo Vidgrén.

Patrick Murphy will transfer to his new position from sales of heavy vehicles. He also has vast experience in forestry, logging and timber transportation.

Type: stock_exchange_release

Ponsse Plc’s Annual General Meeting was held in Vieremä, Finland today, 3 April 2019.

Financial statements
Annual General Meeting approved the parent company financial statements and the consolidated financial statements, and members of the Board of Directors and the President and CEO were discharged from liability for the 2018 financial period.

Type: stock_exchange_release

Ponsse Plc has published a separate Corporate Governance Statement and a Remuneration Statement for 2018.

Type: stock_exchange_release

Ponsse Plc’s Annual Report for 2018 including financial statements, the Annual Report of the Board and responsibility report has been published on the Ponsse Plc website at in Finnish and English.


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Ponsse is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forest machines for the cut-to-length method, and its customer-oriented operations are still guided by the wishes and needs of forest machine entrepreneurs. Ponsse products cover the diverse requirements of efficient harvesting faced by machine entrepreneurs around the world. Tree species vary from old pine to eucalyptus, and the machines have to endure tropical heat and arctic cold, travel without destroying the terrain and briskly climb the steepest slopes.