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Of the companies you either cover formally, or look at informally, which are the two or three which you think have the combination of an excellent core product and strong management teams? Thank you

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Hi and thank you for your question!

Here are the two companies that certainly fits your description.

Qt Group:

Qt has demonstrated excellent management track-record in delivering on its ambitious strategy and goals. The management also has excellent track record in shareholder value creation as the core technology was acquired from Nokia for just 4 MEUR in 2012 and has since grown into 900 MEUR valued business. Some of the world’s largest brands (like LG, Panasonic, Daimler) have made a strategic technology choice by using Qt to build their products. This reflects the competitiveness of Qt’s technology in the embedded systems market segment, a strategic choice the company made 5 years ago when this market segment for developer tools was still almost non-existent.

Remedy Entertainment:

- Successful transformation to a multi-project studio and current pipeline of games enables growth for years to come

- Strong track-record of developing high quality games

- Compelling position in the market: Demand for high quality gaming content is increasing, but number of independent AAA game studios is decreasing due to the industry consolidation and high entry barrier

- Recent publishing deal with Epic Games is a great example of Remedy’s strong reputation in gaming industry: The terms of the deal were epic for Remedy and the risk/reward-ratio for those games is attractive from Remedy’s perspective. Epic Games covers all the development and marketing costs, but profits from those projects are split 50/50 between Remedy and Epic. Remedy also retains IP ownership of those games.

Best Regards,

Atte & Mikael