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Consti reports its Q4 results on February 4th. We expect double-digit growth, with some margin uncertainty due to the situation with construction materials. Growth is set to continue in 2022 supported by the order backlog and previous acquisition, with some potential for margin improvement depending on the market situation.

Expecting double-digit growth, some margin uncertainty

Consti will report its Q4 results on February 4th. Q3 saw growth accelerate to double-digit figures compared with growth of 1.4% during H1/21. Growth has been supported by the strengthened order backlog, up 15% y/y at the end Q3. The order backlog has received support from the first projects within new construction services, were Consti signed its first projects after the addition to being part of the company’s strategy. Consti also made its first acquisition in a long time, that of RA-Urakointi Oy, a company specializing in the repair of apartments and row houses. We expect growth in Q4 to have remained at a good pace supported by the order backlog and expect a net sales growth of 11.3%. We expect the adjusted operating profit to be slightly below previous year levels due to uncertainties related to construction material prices and availability, at a margin of 4.2%.

Seeing continued good growth in 2022

We expect growth to continue in 2022 supported by the order backlog and acquisition of RA-Urakointi, with our growth estimate at 7.3%. Consti has typically only given a guidance for operating profit, and we expect for Consti to estimate an improvement in operating profit during 2022 compared with 2021. We currently estimate adjusted operating profit margins on par with 2021e, at 3.5%. There is potential for improvement, and we will be keeping an eye on management comments relating to the situation with construction material.

BUY with a target price of EUR 14.5

We have made no changes to our estimates ahead of Q4. On our estimates Consti currently trades at a 2022e P/E of 12.3x, which we do not see as overly challenging. We retain our target price of EUR 14.5 and retain our BUY-rating.

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Consti on vuonna 2006 perustettu korjausrakentamiseen ja taloteknisiin palveluihin keskittynyt yhtiö. Consti tarjoaa kattavasti korjausrakentamisen ja talotekniikan sekä valikoidusti uudisrakentamisen palveluita taloyhtiöille, yrityksille ja sijoittajille sekä julkiselle sektorille Suomessa. Yhtiöllä on neljä toimialaa: Taloyhtiöt, Yritykset, Julkiset ja Talotekniikka.