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Scanfil’s earlier guidance suggested Q4 to be highly profitable, and we had estimated 6.9% EBIT margin, but well-known challenges have proved persistent for now.

The fresh guidance implies some 5.1% Q4 EBIT margin

Scanfil issued a negative profit warning. Plants’ productivity has suffered due to continued component availability challenges, and the worsened Covid-19 situation has also bothered production. Q4 EBIT is further hit by the FX exposure due to the relatively high inventories, which the company build up earlier this year to be better able to meet demand by anticipating needs early on. Scanfil’s previous guidance suggested EUR 166-206m in Q4 revenue and EUR 11-14m EBIT. The new range implies EUR 176-196m top line and EUR 8-11m EBIT. We don’t view the news as a major issue in the long-term context because the challenges are to a large extent transitory in nature, although the pandemic and component shortage situations will persist at least during the early part of next year. Scanfil however doesn’t have to struggle with cost inflation since the contracting logic covers component purchases. Customer demand has also remained strong in Q4.

We continue to expect strong performance for next year

We make only small revisions to our top line estimates, but we revise our Q4 EBIT estimate down to EUR 9.7m from EUR 12.5m. We revise our FY ’22 EBIT estimate down to EUR 46.3m (prev. EUR 48.5m). The Hamburg restructuring measure by itself should help some EUR 2.5m in terms of cost savings; we hence expect 17% EBIT improvement for next year as the component and Covid-19 issues will begin to ease. Scanfil is set to achieve a robust double-digit top line growth this year, and we continue to estimate 7% growth for FY ’22. In our opinion 7% EBIT margin remains very much an appropriate long-term profitability target for Scanfil, and the company is unlikely to make any changes around that specific figure.

Earnings multiples are not expensive relative to peers

Scanfil is valued 9.5x EV/EBITDA and 13x EV/EBIT on our FY ’21 estimates. The levels aren’t particularly low, but in our view both demand and earnings growth outlook remain robust enough to warrant a longer perspective. The multiples are 8.5x and 11x on our FY ’22 estimates. We retain our EUR 9 TP and BUY rating.

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Scanfil on vuonna 1976 perustettu vertikaalisesti integroitunut ja etenkin teollisuuden elektroniikkaan asemoitunut sopimusvalmistaja. Yhtiö on keskittynyt elektroniikan ja erilaisten järjestelmien muodostamien tuotekokonaisuuksien integrointiin. Päivittäisen tekemisen tasolla tämä tarkoittaa sitä, että Scanfililla on taitoa valmistaa asiakkaan (ts. OEM-yhtiön) koko tuote tai sen osakokonaisuus. Scanfilin liiketoiminta on vahvasti Euroopan talousalueen ohjaamaa, sillä suurin osa liikevaihdosta tulee tältä alueelta.