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CellaVision announces that the company has signed an agreement to acquire the exclusive rights to a patent portfolio on Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy, a novel microscopy technology from Clearbridge BioPhotonics. The acquisition gives CellaVision access and control of an interesting future technology. The acquisition has a cash purchase price of SEK 28,7 million.

The technology has been developed at California Institute of Technology and is a method for creating high-resolution images with low-magnification optics. This enables images of large areas to be acquired at high resolution with higher speed than using conventional digital microscopy.

CellaVision believes that the Fourier Ptychography Microscopy technology has potential to be used to develop future automated microscopes, with applications in both hematology and adjacent areas.

The acquisition is seen as a long-term investment aiming to strengthen CellaVision's innovation opportunities and will have no material impact on sales or EBITDA in the near-term future. The acquired patent rights provide protection in CellaVision's key geographies for more than 12 years.

CellaVision AB is engaged in the business of supplying digital solutions for blood and body fluid analysis. Its solutions are based on digital image analysis technology, artificial intelligence, and information technology. The firm's product portfolio consists of CellaVision peripheral blood application, CellaVision advanced RBC application and CellaVision remote review software. Its customers include mainly large hospital laboratories and commercial laboratories in North America, Europe and China and Japan. The company derives the majority of its revenue from the sale of analyzers.