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In accordance with Nomination Committee instructions, the composition of the Committee has been changed ahead of BHG Group AB's 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) owing to changes in ownership of the company.

Due to a significant change in ownership of the company and since the composition of the nomination committee should reflect the ownership of the company, the nomination committee has decided to replace Handelsbankens Fonder’s representative, Sussi Kvart, with a representative for Vitruvian, Oscar Severin.

After the change, the Nomination Committee will consist of the following members:
Karl Johan Sundin (EQT, chairman), Julie Wiese (Ferd AS), Oscar Severin (Vitruvian) and Christian Bubenheim (chairman of the board of directors).

BHG Group is a reseller of construction and home furnishing products. The product range consists of own and external brands and includes interior design products, solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as tools and machines for gardens and outdoor environments. The largest share of sales takes place online, where the company's customers are mainly found in the Nordic region. BHG Group previously went by the name Bygghemma and is headquartered in Malmö.