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Under the agreements, the combined proprietary technology platform will enable Genovis and GlycoT Therapeutics ("GlycoT") to market, sell and further develop enzymatic workflows for the research and diagnostics markets as well as for therapeutic applications.

As part of the cross-licensing agreements, Genovis will license enzyme technology from GlycoT and at the same time out-license enzyme technology to GlycoT. The exchange of technology access enables both companies to offer a significantly improved enzyme driven workflow technology to increase the implementation of site-specific antibody conjugation to several application in research, diagnostics and biopharma markets.

Conjugation of molecules to antibodies are frequently used for a wide variety of applications within the life science industry. The need for stable, robust and site-specific conjugation technologies are continuously growing within basic research, diagnostics and pharma markets, including antibody-drug conjugate development. Conjugation to antibodies have traditionally been performed using chemical technologies that produce heterogenous conjugates that may reduce performance due to unwanted side reactions and often requires optimization for each antibody to be labeled. The use of specific enzymes for performing conjugation can effectively remove many of the concerns frequently observed with chemical conjugation. Combining GlycoT and Genovis technologies have the potential to significantly improve quality, reproducibility and productivity in the antibody labelling field.

"I am very pleased to be collaborating with GlycoT and combine the promising enzyme conjugation technology and expertise they have developed   with Genovis SmartEnzymes™and our proven track record for enzyme driven workflows for the life science market. I am looking forward to broaden our product offering together with GlycoT and to further expand our customer base in biopharma, research and diagnostic markets with this new technology platform", says Fredrik Olsson CEO Genovis.

"We at GlycoT are very excited for the opportunity to team up with Genovis for explorations in the areas of glycan-mediated site-selective labeling and conjugation of antibodies. The combination of our complementary technology and expertise will significantly expand the toolbox for the research community and will speed up the development of more efficient diagnostic and therapeutic methods", says Lai-Xi Wang, President and Founder, GlycoT Therapeutics.

About GlycoT Therapeutics( GlycoT Therapeutics explores innovative chemoenzymatic glycoengineering as a platform technology for site-specific antibody labeling and conjugation. Current focus is to apply the glycoengineering technology for optimizing glycosylation of therapeutic antibodies and for producing homogeneous antibody-drug conjugates as improved therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, inflammation, and infectious diseases.

Genovis AB provides enzymes and technologies for analytical characterization and conjugation of biopharmaceuticals. The principal activities of the company are to develop, produce and market tools for developing new drugs and diagnostics. The Genovis product line comprises of GingisREX, FabRICATOR, GlyCLICK, GingisKHAN, GlycINATOR, Fabulous, lgGZERO, and Enzymes for O-glycan. The company serves mainly the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.