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The Board of Directors of Intrum AB (publ) ("Intrum") has today been informed by its largest shareholder, a Nordic Capital[1] controlled entity, that it has granted 3,200,000 call options that entitles to purchase of 3,200,000 Intrum shares, to Intrum's President and CEO Anders Engdahl, and 640,000 call options that entitles to purchase of 640,000 Intrum shares, to Intrum's Chairman Per E Larsson. The call options are offered in order to further align their interests with the shareholders'.

The call option grant to Anders Engdahl and Per E Larsson do not result in any dilution for Intrum's other existing shareholders nor does it inflict any additional costs for Intrum. 
The call options have been purchased on market terms and the value of the call options has been calculated by an independent valuation institute using a standard valuation model (Black-Scholes). The call options are divided into five series and each call option entitles to the purchase of one Intrum share during a certain exercise period and to a certain exercise price depending on the series. The exercise periods are specific for each series and fall in the third quarter of 2022 for first series, in the second quarter of 2023 for second series and in the fourth quarter of 2023 for the other three series. The exercise prices of the five series range between SEK 275 and SEK 450. The call options have been purchased by Anders Engdahl and Per E Larsson at a total value of approximately SEK 13,600,000. 

The program has been prepared by Nordic Capital together with external advisors.
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Anna Fall, Chief Brand & Communications Officer
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[1] The shares in Intrum are owned by Cidron 1748 S.à r.l., which is indirectly owned by Nordic Capital Fund VIII (i.e. Nordic Capital VIII Alpha, L.P. and Nordic Capital VIII Beta, L.P.)

This information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 17.00 CET on 31 January 2021.

Intrum is the industry-leading provider of Credit Management Services with a presence in 24 markets in Europe. Intrum helps companies prosper by offering solutions designed to improve cash flows and long-term profitability and by caring for their customers. To ensure that individuals and companies get the support they need to become free from debt is one important part of the company’s mission. Intrum has around 10,000 dedicated professionals who serve around 80,000 companies across Europe. In 2019, the company generated revenues of SEK 16.0 billion.