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As part of the Intel Partner Alliance, Irisity's state of the art analytics solution IRIS+ has been validated and optimized with Dell in the Intel lab. Irisity has now positioned its solution for simplified AI deployment, cost-effective performance, and accelerated time to value for customers.

""Irisity was able to use Intel's AI solution validation lab to quickly test and benchmark our latest IRIS+ software release on servers running a variety of the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors. These detailed benchmarks will allow our customers to achieve optimal cost\performance for any deployment size using the IRIS+ market leading video analytics software running on Intel powered servers." Says Zvika Ashani, Irisity CTO

Deep learning is taking the next leap forward. Increasingly sophisticated and complex data, models, and techniques will allow AI to move beyond identifying information to understanding context - enabling a level of "common sense" for reasoning and decision-making.

Intel AI Processors are built from the ground up to break through existing memory and data flow bottlenecks, enabling distributed learning algorithms and systems that will scale up deep learning reasoning, using more advanced forms of AI to go beyond the conversion of data into information-turning data into global knowledge.

Working with a pre-validated solution minimizes many of the costs and complexities typically associated with deploying AI-powered video analytics solutions. This means that Irisity's IRIS+ customers can quickly begin improving security and safety while optimizing security resources.

State-of-the art video analytics solutions from Irisity increase security and business intelligence in a wide range of industries and verticals, including central monitoring, critical infrastructure, rail and transportation, education, smart cities, and healthcare. Irisity's comprehensive solutions deliver high levels of accuracy, even in the most challenging environments, and are designed to be easy to implement and scale.

For further information:

Zvika Ashani, Irisity CTO                                                                                                                                              

E-mail: [email protected]                                                           

Irisity AB is a company involved in developing security solutions for surveillance. It offers its services comprising Night-time supervision, School Guard, Area Guard, and Construction Guard.