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Irisity meets strong market demand by developing, strengthening, and increasing the efficiency of the organization. The following appointments, division of responsibilities and organizational changes have been carried out.

Anna Anderström, today CFO, has also been appointed COO, which means that in addition to her financial responsibility, she is also operationally responsible for the organization with an internal focus.

Irisity has a uniquely strong and experienced sales force, where the average industry experience relevant for our segment is 10-15 years. The sales force is also well distributed with a presence in all our priority markets, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and APAC.

To take advantage of this experience and market presence, we flatten the sales organization with a VP Sales per region who reports directly to the CEO, according to the following promotions:

Miki Schwartzberg, VP Sales Americas

Tonny Frederiksen, VP Sales Europe

Marc Sanders, VP Sales Middle East, Africa & India

Ben Loo, VP Sales APAC

Within each region, we strengthen technical project managers/sales engineers as well as extended business support including business development, contract writing, and technical support, with the aim of increasing impact, quality, and throughput from prospect to order.

Through this streamlining, our previous CRO AJ Frazer has left the company. We thank him for his valuable contributions over the years.

We are also strengthening our marketing and communications organization with the recruitment of Sofia Arvidson Schultz, new Marketing Director with 20 years of experience from industries including automotive, logistics and software development. She will be based in Gothenburg and team up with our Channel Partner Manager in the US, Mirie Ben Tzur, both will report to our CPO Victor Hagelbäck.

For further information:

Marcus Bäcklund, Irisity CEO

Phone: +46 771 41 11 00

E-mail: [email protected]

Irisity AB is a company involved in developing security solutions for surveillance. It offers its services comprising Night-time supervision, School Guard, Area Guard, and Construction Guard.