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NCC and Luleå Municipality have now initiated the construction of the Hertsö swim center in Luleå. The assignment is a partnering project and the total order value is approximately SEK 185 million.

[image] Image: Liljewall Arkitekter

"There was a lengthy collaboration process up to this decision, and it is gratifying to finally get the construction of the long-awaited new swim center on Hertsön under way," says Anja Johansson, Chair of the Urban Planning Committee.

"We have now jointly drawn up the system documentation and target price, and we are looking forward to the next phase where we initiate the construction itself. Owing to NCC's extensive experience and technological platforms, we can ensure a cost-efficient swim center with lasting quality and efficient operation," says Josefin Hermansson, project manager at NCC Building Sweden.

The collaboration is in the form of a partnering project in which NCC and Luleå Municipality worked on the initial phase of detailed planning for the new swim center in close and open dialogue.

The center will have numerous functions, and also have space to accommodate the activities of the Cultural and Leisure Services Department. The center will house three different swimming pools: an exercise pool, a multifunction pool with an adjustable bottom and a small children's pool for the smallest beginners. There will also be a small café adjacent to the pools.

The earthworks will begin immediately and start of construction is scheduled for autumn 2022. The center will be completed in 2024. The project, totalling approximately SEK 185 million, will be registered during the second quarter of 2022 in the NCC Building Sweden business area.

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