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Ahead of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021 the Nomination Committee of CellaVision AB proposes that the Board shall be composed of seven directors elected at the AGM, with no alternates, for the period until the next AGM.

The Nomination Committee proposes the current Board member Mikael Worning as Chairman of the Board and re-election of the Board members Anna Malm Bernsten, Christer Fåhraeus, Åsa Hedin, Niklas Prager, Jürgen Riedl, and Stefan Wolf. The Board member and current Chairman of the Board Sören Mellstig has declared that he is not available for re-election.

CellaVision’s Nomination Committee for the 2021 AGM consists of Christer Fåhraeus and companies, (Chairman of the Nomination Committee), Nicklas Hansen, appointed by William Demant Invest A / S, Joel Eklund, appointed by Grenlunden CEVI AB, and Daniel Klint, appointed by SEB Investment funds. The Nomination Committee is convened by Sören Mellstig who participated as co-opted, but who is not part of the Nomination Committee.

“The Nomination Committee proposes Mikael Worning as the new Chairman of the Board of CellaVision. Mikael, who has been a Board member of CellaVision for one year, has extensive experience in medical technology, not least from his many years at Radiometer and Oticon. Most recently he came from a role as CEO of Demant in the USA, where he led the growth of Demant to an annual turnover of more than SEK 5 billion. His previous assignments and insights into CellaVision will bring valuable perspectives for CellaVision's development and strategic work ", says Christer Fåhraeus, Chairman of the Nomination Committee and founder of CellaVision.

The Nomination Committee’s other proposals for the AGM on April 29, 2021 and the statement on the proposed Board will be available on the company’s website in connection with the announcement of the notice convening the AGM.

For more information, please contact:
Christer Fåhraeus, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, CellaVision AB
Tel: +46 (0) 705-60 90 00 | Email: [email protected]

CellaVision AB is engaged in the business of supplying digital solutions for blood and body fluid analysis. Its solutions are based on digital image analysis technology, artificial intelligence, and information technology. The firm's product portfolio consists of CellaVision peripheral blood application, CellaVision advanced RBC application and CellaVision remote review software. Its customers include mainly large hospital laboratories and commercial laboratories in North America, Europe and China and Japan. The company derives the majority of its revenue from the sale of analyzers.