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Redeye returns with an update following Genovis’ licensing deal with Selecta Biosciences – a deal that clearly validates the huge potential in the company and its SmartEnzymes. We have hiked our fair value range and argue that the stock is very attractive for the long-term investor thanks to significant optionality on the upside.

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Genovis AB provides enzymes and technologies for analytical characterization and conjugation of biopharmaceuticals. The principal activities of the company are to develop, produce and market tools for developing new drugs and diagnostics. The Genovis product line comprises of GingisREX, FabRICATOR, GlyCLICK, GingisKHAN, GlycINATOR, Fabulous, lgGZERO, and Enzymes for O-glycan. The company serves mainly the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.