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In consequence of the ownership changes in SSAB during May and June this year, Bengt Kjell, chairman of the Board of Directors (Board), has today informed the Board that he wishes to resign from the Board at the earliest convenience.

The Board has been further informed that SSAB's Nomination Committee, having been informed of Bengt Kjell's intention, has prepared the matter and decided to propose Lennart Evrell, who is currently a Board member, as the new chairman and that the number of Board members be reduced to seven (instead of eight as at present).

For the reason above, the Board will convene an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders as soon as possible by a notice to be published in due course.

For further information, please contact:
Per Hillström, Head of Investor Relations, SSAB, tel +46 70 295 2912, [email protected]

SSAB on pitkälle erikoistunut, maailmanlaajuisesti toimiva teräsyhtiö, jonka toimintaa ohjaavat läheiset suhteet asiakkaisiin. SSAB kehittää erikoislujia teräksiä ja tarjoaa palveluja, joilla saadaan aikaan suorituskykyisempiä ja kestävämpiä tuotteita.