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Luomalla maksuttoman Inderes-tilin, pääset käsiksi Inderesin analyysiin, voit tilata suositun aamukatsauksen ja seurata sinua kiinnostavia yhtiöitä sekä keskusteluita.

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Onko sinulla jo Inderes-tili?

In HCA's SaaS event series, will be dived into different topics in the SaaS sector to help investors understand the business model and evaluate the sector.

The first live event will focus on the importance of understanding the development phase or life cycle concerning a company’s SaaS metrics as well as cash burn and investments.

HCA has invited the management from three SaaS companies in different phases to get real-life cases and shed light on the management’s view, and how they run their business based on their current life cycle phase:

  • Bootstrapped (private company Faundit, DK)
  • Heavy investments (listed-company, Penneo, DK)
  • Balanced growth (listed company, Efecte, FIN)

The scene will be set by Inderes analyst Antti Luiro and HCA analyst Kasper Lihn, who will introduce and conclude the event with their insights about the topic.

14:45 Introduction by Kasper Lihn & Antti Luiro
15:00 Faundit: Bootstrapped - Private company (DK)
15:30 Penneo: Heavy Growth Investments - Listed company (DK)
16.00 Efecte: Balanced Growth - Listed company (FIN)
16.30 Concluding remarks and takeaways with Kasper Lihn and Antti Luiro