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Fiskars annual report 2017

Yhtiöjulkaisu 19.02.2018 14:36 Fiskars Group

The Fiskars Fundamentals bring together our vision, our mission, our values and our core belief. Our promise to consumers, making the everyday extraordinary, combines all the key elements in our Fundamentals. It is our daily destination and goal.

In this Annual Review, we discuss our year 2017 through our key Fundamentals.

We focus on the progress we have made in achieving our mission – building a family of iconic lifestyle brands. We look at our sustainability approach in the context of our vision, which is to create a positive lasting impact on our quality of life. And most of all, we explore areas where we have taken important steps forward in making the everyday extraordinary. In 2016, we published our first public report on sustainability. Following this introduction into our sustainability thinking, we have now incorporated information regarding the material elements in our sustainability approach, activities implemented in 2017, as well as our plans for the future in this Annual Review.

In addition to this Annual Review, our Annual Report includes our Corporate Governance Statement, Remuneration Statement, Financial Statements and GRI Supplement for 2017. These are available on our website at

Fiskars Groupin visiona on vaikuttaa positiivisella ja kestävällä tavalla ihmisten elämään. Brändimme Fiskars, Gerber, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Waterford ja Wedgwood ovat mukana ihmisten elämässä - niin kotona, puutarhassa kuin ulkona luonnossa. Pyrimme tekemään arjesta ainutkertaista tänään ja tulevaisuudessa. Työllistämme noin 7 000 henkilöä 30 maassa, ja tuotteitamme on saatavilla yli 100 maassa. Fiskarsin osake on listattu Nasdaq Helsingissä (FSKRS).