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Cities play a critical role in the functioning of the global economy. Urbanization is a megatrend and the growing importance of cities means that their environmental impacts are dramatic if things do not change. Cities account for significant CO2 emissions each year, and they are places where biodiversity is declining and pollution enters our waterways.

‘Cities of Change – Digitalization, Climate Change and the City’ will feature a number of keynote speakers who will share their insights and experiences on how Helsinki and other global cities are becoming global leaders.

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By Lassi Noponen

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Verneri Pulkkinen on Inderes TV and the topic of the conversation was responsible investment or what is commonly referred to as SRI (Socially Responsible Investment). Loudspring recently signed up with Inderes to undertake detailed analysis of us and our portfolio companies and this was a chance to reach out to their audience and also begin to educate them on who we are and what we are all about.

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A number of changes have been made to Loudspring these past weeks and I wanted to touch on a few of the questions that have come up since the news of me stepping in as the CEO. During Bigge’s tenure Loudspring grew significantly, and developed into a well known Nordic Accelerator, he stays with Loudspring as an advisor. In addition to this we begun our transition into the future operating mode and have continued to make good progress on all fronts. I would like to talk about is what my focus will be as CEO and provide clarity to our shareholders.


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Loudspring on pohjoismainen yrityskiihdyttämö jolla on osakkuusyhtiöinään globaaleja ongelmia ratkaisevia kasvuyhtiöitä. Osakkuusyhtiöt keskittyvät liiketoiminnassaan puhtaaseen energiaan sekä energia-ja resurssitehokkuuteen.