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Redeye raises Better Collective´s fair value on the back of strong momentum and high expectations on an eventful year. The company continues to outperform our expectations and reach new all-time highs. The acquisitions of Atemi Group added significant revenues, and the underlying growth continues. 2020 was far from an optimal year for sports betting, but Better Collective handled it with grace. Looking at 2021, we can conclude that the company is better than ever, and the new year will likely be a very eventful year for Better Collective.

Better Collective is pure quality, and we believe it should be valued more in line with content
providers than affiliates. The growth potential remains huge with the US market ahead and a proven highly value-adding M&A strategy that will continue to fuel growth. Our DCF analysis indicates a considerable upside potential to our increased base case valuation of SEK 260 (215) per share.

Source: Finwire News.

Better Collective AS is a developer of educational platforms within the iGaming industry. The company develops sports betting and gambling entertaining, transparent and fair for the global network of online bettors. It also offers online betting and gambling advice. The company develops, markets, and produces products for the web.