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Duell as an Investment

inderesTV 02.06.2022 10:29 Duell

Duell as an investment

Duell is a distributor of power sport equipment, accessories and spare parts. The key success factors lie within the extensive brand-portfolio, effective logistics and well-functioning digital ordering platform. This is a clear growth case, with ambitious market expansion plans and financial growth targets. Analyst Petri Gostowski comments on businessmodel, strategy and potential risks.

More information about Duell:

Any possible target prices and recommendations included in this video are based on commissioned research, which for the time being is only available in Finnish. Link to the latest report published at the time of the video recording: Duell, latest published report 2022-05-18:

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Duell: A growth case
00:35 Business model & brand portfolio
01:32 Key success factors
02:39 Growth targets: geographical, organical, non-organical + financial
05:12 The growth targets are realistic, if they continue on this non-organical groth path
05:45 Long-term & short term risks
07:54 The effects of supply chain issues & inflation