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Taaleri: kommentteja markkinasta ja toimitusjohtajan vaihdoksesta

CEO Juhani Elomaa comments Taaleri's second half-year, outlook and views of the capital market.

01:04 Which grade would you give Taaleri from four to ten? (year 2018)
01:58 Outlook for 2019
03:10 Garantia
04:15 Taaleri's views of the capital market
05:15 New CEO will come from outside the company. How this will affect the company's continuity an what the investors should think about it? 

Trade. (Taaleri)

TAALERI IS A SUCCESSFUL GROWTH COMPANY Taaleri is a Finnish financial group listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange offering wealth management and financing. We feel that ownership is for everyone. Become an owner with our help, join us in ownership or become one of our owners.