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Introduction to BoMill - Grain is a gift. Why waste a single kernel of it?

Our strategic partner, HC Andersen Capital, offers all investors free access to meet and ask questions directly to the top management of Scandinavian companies. This is done this through live events, seminars and Q & As. Monday the 2nd of May, HC Andersen Capital held an event with BoMill, where CEO Andreas Jeppson presented an introduction to BoMill and their unique technique.

BoMill was founded with the vision of becoming the world's leading supplier and partner for sorting solutions for grain quality, based on the composition and structure of each individual kernel. The vision is that if you can sort kernels, individually, based on their internal properties and quality, then you should be able to get a homogeneous product that enables a more efficient production and a better quality of the finished product, regardless of what you produce.

BoMill sells quality sorting technology and know-how throughout Europe and North America, with the help of their own sales organization or agents / distributors. The company is listed and traded on NASDAQ - First North Growth Market since 2020. BoMill ensures that each grain of wheat, durum wheat and barley is used in the way that best suits its properties. In this way, it adds value to the grain. No matter where you are in the grain value chain, you can now use the sorted uniform quality fractions produced by BoMill's solutions, in the best and most efficient way, to increase the value of the products, optimizing the use of common resources. Without BoMills technology, 90% of a batch of grains was discarded, but using BoMills unique technology, only 8% of the batch is discarded and 80% of the grains can be used for food value. 

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