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Fondia's Legal Department as a Service (LDaaS) and MyFondia service was ranked at no. 3 at the international FT Innovative Lawyers Awards on Thursday, 4 October 2018. Fondia's CEO Salla Vainio explains that their success in the competition is proof of Fondia's genuine innovativeness.

"We are proud of our achievement. This was a victory shared by all of us," Vainio rejoices.

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Hei, edellisissä osakeanneissa (Remedy, Fondia) on ylimerkitty reilusti. Miksi uusia osakkeita liikkeelle lasketaan niin vähän? Voisitteko hieman kertoa miten annin koko ja osakkeen hinta ovat mitä ovat?

Type: inderes_qa

Monen liikejuridiikkaan erikoistuneen toimiston liikevoittoprosentti on noin 30. Fondialla tämä on alle 15. Miksi Fondian liikevoittoprosentti on niin alhainen?


Through the new service concept, Fondia solves the issue relating to purchasing legal services. We allow legal expertise to be sought and purchased according to actual needs and at a transparent price that is confirmed at the outset. We have a clear understanding of business, industry knowledge and comprehensive legal expertise. This comes in an overall package that is topped off with our ‘hands-on’ way of working. The best benefit is offered within LDaaS - Legal Department as a Service.