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Antti Luiro


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LeadDesk Oyj Press release 7/9/2020 5.30 pm

Unofficial translation of company announcement

M.Sc. (Tech.), MBA Mika Matikainen has been appointed as the Vice President in charge of Enterprise Sales at LeadDesk Oyj. Matikainen also joins the company's management team. LeadDesk offers a cloud-based software for high volume customer service and sales and is listed on Nasdaq First North. 

Stock release

LeadDesk Oyj Press release 28/8/2020 9.05 am

LeadDesk Oyj Half Year Financial Statement 1/1-30/6/2020

Figures in parenthesis refer to the equivalent period in the previous year, unless otherwise stated.  This document is an unofficial translation of LeadDesk's unaudited half year financial statement. In case the document differs from the original, the Finnish version prevails.

Company report

We reiterate our accumulate recommendation for LeadDesk and revise the target price to EUR 11.50 (previously EUR 9.0).  In our estimate, LeadDesk’s investment case has progressed to a phase that is attractive from an investor’s perspective. In this phase, the company’s investments in international business and product development will start to pay off in the form of expanding market potential and scalable growth. We expect the growth of LeadDesk’s operating result to reach approximately 40% annually. Relative to this expectation, the current valuation of the share is still reasonable.

Company post

The coronavirus crisis has firmly shaken the foundations of our economies. Below, we’ve gathered some questions and answers regarding the coronavirus situation from our perspective. In light of the information we currently have, the corona crisis will not impact our long-term goals. We are, however, constantly monitoring the situation.

The health and well-being of our customers, partners and employees are of utmost importance to us, and we take any measures to prevent the spread of the disease very seriously.

Company report

LeadDesk company report (estimates, recommendation and target price) 18/2/2019, translation published 9/9/2019



English translation unavailable for LeadDesk.

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